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Tokio Hotel on the new album

Tokio Hotel:  yeah we know we fucking promised you a fucking album last fucking year but we fucking broke our fucking promise because we were too fucking busy doing fucking nothing so we definitely promise you we will release it this fucking year but since half of fucking 2014 already passed and since its fucking summer let us travel around the whole fucking america and relax even more because we're so fucking tired from going to the studio to take pics of Bill's dog and also let us go to every fucking music festival to get inspirations from our fucking colleagues and we're so so so so fucking sorry but we wanted this album to be fucking perfect


  • Bill: He’s so nervous
  • Tom: I’m you know akdnkanasdas
  • Bill: Is bicht PRRRRFFFF
  • Tom: akjaksjdnkajnsdkands you know
  • Bill: He’s so nervous and he can’t sleep
  • Tom: I’m the most talented guy from the band and and and and you know I can’t doubt that, I can’t doubt that.
  • Bill: Let’s see.


Georg is looking quite tasty these days.
I call him Hagen Dazs.